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The past one hundred years has seen the greatest advancements in health care. We have put an end to diseases such as smallpox and polio and humans are living longer than ever. However, at a time when our medicine is becoming increasingly effective and targeted, our health continues to suffer. The United States is projected to reach an obesity rate of 50% by the year 2030, and with this trend comes an array of chronic diseases. Besides the debilitating limitations that are inherent to a life of sickness, socially, it takes a toll on the country as we spend $7538 annually per person on healthcare and are simultaneously exporting our flawed lifestyle to the rest of the world.

Personally, the first thing one can do to stave off a life of disease is to eat a good diet. There are multitudes of resources on the internet, some of which are helpful and others that reiterate misconceptions that refuse to die. The goal of the Daily Dose Guide is to provide a guide to diet at the most elemental level, starting exactly there with daily dosages of magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, etc. I ascribe to the belief that we should be getting our nutrients from their natural sources. However, I also believe that certain agricultural practices have depleted necessary nutrients from the foods that had once contained them in correct natural doses. Therefore, as one dedicated to long term health, I advocate supplementing these substances to achieve healthy amounts.

Food and medicine are one in the same thing. There is no “normal” diet and recommendations for a “balanced” diet are equally false, lacking grounding in any sort of evidence. At the Daily Dose Guide, we prescribe a nutrient rich diet, citing studies where positive outcomes are clear and negative effects are negligible. Additionally, we invite readers to post their own anecdotal evidence and dosage findings as another person’s successes can certainly guide our own experimentation. Please bear with me as this site comes together, and send any requests to qa@dailydoseguide.com, or use our contact form.

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