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Astragalus Dosage

Daily Dose of Astragalus: 750-1500mg

Supplementing with Astragalus

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Astragalus is an herb that goes by the scientific name Astragalus membranaceus. Other more common names for the plant are milk vetch and locoweed. Its root is used for medicinal purposes to treat a wide range of health problems. For centuries, it has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is usually given to patients following a heart attack to keep the blood fluid, avoiding dangerous clots. Traditionally, the roots were aged four to seven years and then made into extracts, tonics, or teas after they were harvested. According to TMC, it is a very potent and vital herbal tonic that stimulates the immune system and promotes health and longevity, when it is used long term. It is said that its health benefits are due to powerful antioxidants, flavonoids, and other substances that have antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties.

There are a number of modern research papers and experiments done to show evidence of the benefits of Astrgalus. It is an adaptogen, meaning it can help the body resist the negative effects of stress, including chemical, physical, and emotional stress. It may reduce damage caused by a stroke by returning blood flow to brain tissue that had been temporarily deprived of this blood and oxygen. A small clinical study in Croatia concluded that the supplement provided significant relief from SAR (Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis) symptoms, particularly runny nose. Research from Hong Kong shows that astragalus saponins have the potential to be developed into a chemotherapeutic agent for the treatment of advanced and metastatic gastric cancer.

There are many ways to take Astragalus including as an extract, tea or decoction, powdered root, tincture, or ointment, all of which have their own recommended dosages. For adults, it is recommended to take 250-500mg standardized extract three to four times daily. For powdered root, the suggested dosage is 500-1,000mg three to four times a day. For tea, put 6-12g of dried root into 12 ounces of water; this can be ingested three times daily.



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