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Biotin Dosage

Daily Dose of Biotin: 30mcg

Supplementing with Biotin

Whole wheat bread is a natural source of Biotin.
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Biotin, also known as vitamin H or vitamin B-7, is a water soluble member of the B-vitamin group. It is a coenzyme, meaning it works with enzymes to form fats, carbohydrates and proteins. It is used to treat a deficiency that shows symptoms of hair loss, brittle nails, rashes, depression, anemia, high cholesterol and heart problems. Biotin plays a key role in supporting the health of hair, skin, nerves and cells. It is also used to treat people with type 2 diabetes by improving blood sugar.

Hair and nails need biotin to grow. As a coenzyme, it helps build up and break down protein that is vital to hair by attaching and aiding 5 essential enzymes. It is absorbed in the core of the nail where cells are generated to make nails grow thicker and prevent brittleness. Biotin may also be used to treat some types of nerve pathology that can result to diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can be treated by biotin in combination with chromium to improve blood sugar. It may also decrease insulin resistance when used on its own.

Most people consume enough biotin in their diets, and because of that deficiencies are rare. We can get it naturally from whole wheat bread, whole-grain cereal, eggs, dairy products, salmon, and chicken. The biotin our bodies have already used can even be recycled. Sometimes, pregnant women can have low levels of biotin. A biotin deficiency in pregnant women can cause birth defects but it can easily be prevented with the proper prenatal vitamins. For an average adult aged 19 and above, the recommended dose is 30mcg a day. For pregnant or breastfeeding women 30-35mcg should be enough. Patients with diabetes may need a higher dose recommended by their doctor. Biotin appears to be safe even in high amounts but researchers do not know what the maximum dose is yet.



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