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Black Cohosh Dosage

Daily Dose of Black Cohosh: 40-80mg

Supplementing with Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh has been used to treat menopause symptoms.
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Black Cohosh, or Cimicifuga racemosa, is an herb from the buttercup family and its root is used medicinally. It’s used as a treatment for several health problems among Native Americans, dated back hundreds of years. Its main use was for treating female gynecological disorders and today it is used to treat symptoms of menopause. In the mid-19th century, physicians prescribed the herb for treating female complaints such as cramps, after birth pains, and even to increase breast milk production. The menopause symptoms it helps to control are hot flashes, mood changes, headaches, vaginal dryness, night sweats, sleep problems, and heart palpitations. During this time of a woman’s life, less estrogen is produced in the body, resulting in these unpleasant symptoms. It works because it has some effects on the female hormone estrogen. Black Cohosh may increase estrogen in some parts of the body and decrease it in other parts. There are other uses for this herb but they do not have much scientific support, such as relieving arthritis for example.

Although Black Cohosh does help with these symptoms, evidence is still unclear and more research needs to be done. Studies have shown that not all women benefit from taking this herb. The results are mixed and it cannot be taken by everyone due to certain risks and side effects. Some people have reported side effects when taking it in high doses. These side effects include headaches and an upset stomach. People who have liver problems or are taking medication that affects the liver should avoid Black Cohosh. It may not be safe for people under 18, pregnant women, women who have or have had breast and uterine cancer, and people allergic to aspirin. People who are taking birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy should consult a doctor first before taking this supplement. Studies have used 20-40mg of Black Cohosh twice a day.



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