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Magnesium Dosage

Daily Dose of Magnesium: 500-2000mg

Supplementing with Magnesium

Spinach is high in Magnesium
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Magnesium is absolutely essential for hundreds of biological processes in the human body. From forming strong bones to maintaining a healthy heart, this element has a hand in everything important in our bodies. Moreover, magnesium supplementation has had great success in treating multitudes of chronic illnesses. A great way to find out what your daily dose should be is to start at 500mg and add progressively more each day. If magnesium’s effects as a natural laxative start to appear, then cut 100mg and supplement at that level.

Supplementation is particularly necessary for magnesium because the fertilizers used on most crops today not only do not contain magnesium, but they contain other elements like potassium which causes magnesium absorption to falter.
One of my favorite reasons to take a daily dose of magnesium is because it can lead to vivid dreams and a better nights sleep, leaving you well rested in the morning. The first time I did a large dose of magnesium, I had such a profoundly real dream that I had to just sit and process it for a while. It was quite amazing. Magnesium dreams are very well documented and are certainly a sign that your brain is getting the REM sleep that it needs. Be sure to try a daily dose of magnesium before bed and share your experience in the anecdotes section.

So what kind of magnesium should you take? I started with magnesium citrate, which will help with the sleep and it is fairly bio available. Other than that, try magnesium gluconate, and magnesium threonate, which has the benefit of being able to cross the blood-brain barrier. If diarrhea becomes an issue at the very high doses, try chelated magnesium. Also experiment with magnesium absorbed in the skin.


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