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MCT Oil Dosage

Daily Dose of MCT Oil: 45ml (coconut oil: 100ml)

Supplementing with MCT Oil

Coconut oil, a natural source of MCT
Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/indianity/

MCT Oil, or Medium Chain Triglycerides, are fatty acids of which the molecular chain is shorter than most fats. This allows MCTs to be more easily digested than other fats and to readily convert into energy. Your body usually receives its energy from glucose, but it has the ability to derive energy from MCTs as well, through the efficient transformation of these fats into ketones. The advantage to getting energy from ketones is that there is no need to provide the body with excess glucose, of which the unused portion is converted into body fat. Getting into ketosis, which can be achieved through steady MCTs and zero carbohydrates, will jump start a fat burning effect that will be extremely effective for losing weight.

Upgraded MCT Oil

It may seem somewhat counter intuitive that the addition of extra fat to the diet could be beneficial for burning fat. However, I assure you, eating fat does not make a person fat. It is excess carbohydrates that is usually the culprit for putting more weight on the waste line. When studying the science behind energy usage and storage in the body, it is a wonder that products are still advertised as “low fat,” as if that is going to be positive for the body. We all need fats to operate in good condition and these fats are especially important for our brains. Next time you see a product that is advertised as healthy because it is low fat, be informed and choose something with low sugar instead.


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