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Piracetam Dosage

Daily Dose of Piracetam: 2-3g

Supplementing with Piracetam

Piracetam can help improve certain cognitive functions.
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Piracetam is what is known as nootropic. Nootropics are cognitive enhancing substances that have little to no adverse affects. With studies backing its effects and also plenty of anecdotal evidence indicating its tendency to improve cognition, there is no reason for any person interested in becoming smarter not to try these substances. One of many in the family of racetams, piracetam is the most studied up the family and also the most widely used. Though other racetams are more potent, I recommend starting with piracetam to both save money and see if it is right for you.

When taking a daily dose of piracetam, supplement with choline as this will help achieve the desired effect. Also, break your doses into different parts throughout the day as the noticeable effects will only last a few hours. A great way to track your improvements in cognition is with dual n backing, a test that you can find through a search and utilized in the program, brain workshop.

There are some people who experiment with “mega-dosing” of nootropics. Although this might be an interesting experiment to try, it is important to be careful as anything can be dangerous when you take much more that the recommended dose. Supplements that affect the brain often act on neural transmitters and seriously influence your mind. “Mega-dosing” on piracetam, for example, could begin with phenomenal productivity and creativity, but end in lethargy or depression. With such power over the brain, it is no wonder that piracetam and nootropics like it are called “Smart Drugs.”


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