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Protein Dosage

Daily Dose of Protein: 1g per pound of body weight

Supplementing with Protein

Turkey breast has one of the highest protein to calorie ratios.
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If health and longevity is a goal for you, then you should be going to the gym regularly. While at the gym, you should know that simply doing cardio is not enough. Resistance training is absolutely necessary to achieve long term wellness. In order to fuel this activity and provide your body the resources to build back the muscle that it tears down, you need to have plenty of protein in your diet. In addition, it is a good idea to space out this protein intake in order to maximize absorption. Your digestive tract can only process about 30g of protein every 3 hours so use this as a guideline and try to have this amount every three hours with a maximum of the above indicated daily dose.

It can be difficult to get all that protein from food. Protein supplements provide a good solution to this problem though it is essential to start with your diet. Try whey protein (30g) one hour before and one hour after workouts. Whey protein provides your body with immediate sources of amino acids that will facilitate the building of new muscle. Casein protein is a good protein to have before bed as it is slow acting and will give your body what it needs to repair your muscles while you sleep. Good food sources of protein are steak, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, and beans. Eat these foods and you will be nurturing your muscles with what they need to grow.



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