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Cordyceps Sinensis Dosage

Supplementing with Cordyceps Sinensis

Daily Dose of Cordyceps Sinensis: 1-9g

Cordyceps Sinensis, also known as cordyceps, is essentially caterpillar fungus. It is a type of fungus that grows on the larvae of caterpillars. The vegetable part of the fungus ripens in the late summer and is usually found in high elevations of 11,500 to 15,400ft in China. It has been widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tibetan Medicine for . . . Read more

Yohimbe Dosage

Supplementing with Yohimbe

Daily Dose of Yohimbe: 5-30mg

Yohimbe is tree that can be found in Western Africa in the countries of Nigeria, Cameroon, the Congo, and Gabon. The bark of the tree is used to boost libido because it contains useful alkaloids of which the principal alkaloid is called yohimbine. Traditionally, yohimbe was used in Africa to treat fevers, coughs, leprosy, and as an aphrodisiac. In modern times, . . . Read more

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