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Yohimbe Dosage

Supplementing with Yohimbe

Daily Dose of Yohimbe: 5-30mg

Yohimbe is tree that can be found in Western Africa in the countries of Nigeria, Cameroon, the Congo, and Gabon. The bark of the tree is used to boost libido because it contains useful alkaloids of which the principal alkaloid is called yohimbine. Traditionally, yohimbe was used in Africa to treat fevers, coughs, leprosy, and as an aphrodisiac. In modern times, . . . Read more

SAMe Dosage

Supplementing with SAMe

Daily Dose of SAMe: 200-1600mg

SAMe or S-adenosylmethionine is a chemical that is found naturally in the body but is also made synthetically in a lab. It is made from the essential amino acid methionine and adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the energy-producing compound found in all cells in the body. SAMe works by donating the methyl group to many reactions in the body. After giving the . . . Read more

Pramiracetam Dosage

Supplementing with Pramiracetam

Daily Dose of Pramiracetam: 1000-1,500mg

Pramiracetam is a fat soluble smart drug that is part of the racetam family. It was developed in Belgium in the 1970s and has been the subject of ongoing research since then. Pramiracetam was derived from the original racetam but is 30 times more potent than piracetam. It is actually considered to be one of the strongest nootropics available today. Like . . . Read more

Oxiracetam Dosage

Oxiracetam Dosage

Daily Dose of Oxiracetam: 600-3,000mg

Oxiracetam is part of the Racetam family of nootropics supplements and is considered one of the most effective. In fact, it is generally regarded as the best nootropic available on the market today. It is classified as an Ampakine because it stimulates both the AMPA and the NDMA receptors and related pathways. Users should be getting an adequate supply of choline . . . Read more

Pyritinol Dosage

Pyritinol Dosage

Daily Dose of Pyritinol: 600mg

Pyritinol is a mental performance enhancer which goes by the brand name Encephabol, or Pyrithioxine. It is synthetically made up of two vitamin B6 molecules bound together by two sulfur atoms. Its nootropic benefits are very similar to Vitamin B6, which is one of the most important vitamins for brain function. Vitamin B6, which can be found in chickpeas, fish, . . . Read more

Citicoline Dosage

Supplementing with Citicoline

Daily Dose of Citicoline: 500-2000mg

Citicoline is a brain supplement, or nootropic, that is considered to be one of the most effective and powerful available in the market. It is a nutrient that is already naturally occurring in the body and is a water soluble compound. It is necessary in the structure of phosphatidylcholine, which is a major component of grey matter brain tissue. Citicoline . . . Read more

Phenylpiracetam Dosage

Phenylpiracetam Dosage

Daily Dose of Phenylpiracetam: 100mg

Phenylpiracetam is a new member of the Racetam family of nootropics that was created in Russia in the early 90s. It is a modified version of piracetam where a Phenyl group molecule is attached, making it 60 times more powerful than the original piracetam. The phenyl group molecule allows phenylpiracetam to cross the blood-brain barrier more easily and much more . . . Read more

Coluracetam Dosage

Coluracetam Dosage

Daily Dose of Coluracetam: 200mg

Coluracetam is one of the newest members of the racetam family of smart drugs. It was synthesized in Japan and derived from Piracetam as a treatment for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and also general anxiety problems. It showed promise in treating patients with both disorders but did not show significant results with patients who only have one of these disorders. The . . . Read more

Phenibut Dosage

Phenibut Dosage

Daily Dose of Phenibut: 500-1500mg

Phenibut is a derivative of the neurotransmitter GABA with a phenyl ring molecule that has been added to its molecular structure. Taking GABA alone as a supplement is limited in its effectiveness because it cannot cross the blood brain barrier, however, phenibut certainly can. This allows it to interact directly with GABA receptors in the brain, which can have significant results in . . . Read more

Noopept Dosage

Noopept Dosage

Daily Dose of Noopept: 10mg twice a day

Noopept is considered one of the best nootropics for its safety, value, and potency. It is a member of the Racetam family and is structurally similar to Piracetam endogenous dipeptides (amino acid constituents) within the brain. Although it is similar to Piracetam in terms of its effects, research says noopept is 1000 times more potent. This is . . . Read more

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