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Nefiracetam Dosage

Daily Dose of Nefiracetam: 150-450mg

Supplementing with Nefiracetam

Nefiracetam is used to boost cognitive function.
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If you’ve ever felt a little sluggish, or that you may need to improve your cognitive function, Nefiracetam could help. It is a nootropic, or brain enhancer, from the racetam family. You’ve probably already heard of Piracetam, where Nefiracetam is derived from, but it is actually a lot more similar to Aniracetam. Just like Aniracetam, it is a fat soluble brain enhancer that enhances memory and treats cognitive decline. It was developed originally as a treatment for dementia related Alzheimer’s disease and post-stroke vascular disease. Besides improving cognitive function and treatment for dementia, it has also been known to be useful in treating epilepsy.

People who have used Nefiracetam have experienced anti amnesia effects. This is due to how the drug is able to improve neuronal systems. Its function can be linked back to two pathways: one of them is prolonging the opening of calcium channels, which enhances signalling of receptors independent of synapse. These calcium channels are critical for long term effectiveness. The other pathway is linked to signalling cholinergic receptors, which appears to be vital for neuronal signal enhancement. Basically, Nefiracetam works by stimulating acetylcholine, a chemical in the brain which is responsible for transmitting messages between nerve cells. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease do not have enough of these chemicals in the brain. Studies have shown that patients with cognitive decline like dementia have significantly improved through the use of Nefiracetam.

Human studies have shown that Nefiracetam has proven to be effective when taken in daily over a prolonged period of at least 1 week or more. A single dose does not show much noticeable improvements or effects at all, but it can have a profound cumulative effect when taken regularly. Because of its limited study on humans, there are not many known side effects of the use of Nefiracetam, though racetams are all generally regarded as safe. However, studies on dogs and rats have shown that large doses can reduce testicular testosterone. It is not known whether this is also true for humans. Besides this, there have been no reports on toxicity in humans even in doses up to 900mg. The standard dose is 150-450mg a day divided into 3 even doses.



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