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Alpha-lipoic Acid Dosage

Daily Dose of Alpha-lipoic Acid: 300mg

Alpha-lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that has the benefit of being able to break down carbohydrates so that they can be utilized by muscles and organs in the body. Not only does alpha-lipoic acid help to prevent cell damage, but it restores body levels of vitamin E and vitamin C. Due to the fact that it can cross the . . . Read more

MCT Oil Dosage

Medium Chain Triglycerides

Daily Dose of MCT Oil: 45ml (coconut oil: 100ml)

MCT Oil, or Medium Chain Triglycerides, are fatty acids of which the molecular chain is shorter than most fats. This allows MCTs to be more easily digested than other fats and to readily convert into energy. Your body usually receives its energy from glucose, but it has the ability to derive energy from MCTs as well, . . . Read more

Arginine Dosage

Arginine Dosage

Daily Dose of Arginine: 15g

Present in smaller amounts in our food, arginine is an amino acid that has many health benefits. Arginine helps to deliver nitric oxide to our blood stream, which expands our blood vessels and facilitates greater nutrient delivery. For this reason, arginine can be taken before workouts to aid in recovery and increase the “pump” that one gets from lifting weights. . . . Read more

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