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Phenibut Dosage

Daily Dose of Phenibut: 500-1500mg

Supplementing with Phenibut

Phenibut helps our brain to relax and reduce symptons of stress and anxiety. Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/a-lish147/

Phenibut is a derivative of the neurotransmitter GABA with a phenyl ring molecule that has been added to its molecular structure. Taking GABA alone as a supplement is limited in its effectiveness because it cannot cross the blood brain barrier, however, phenibut certainly can. This allows it to interact directly with GABA receptors in the brain, which can have significant results in reducing stress and anxiety. Phenibut works by lowering levels of excitatory action in the brain as it binds to GABA receptors. The neurotransmitter GABA is most responsible for balancing out the effects of the excitatory chemicals that stimulate greater activity in the brain.

Normally, our brain can balance these effects on its own but it can’t do it so well when we are stressed or suffering from anxiety due to over-stimulation. This over-stimulation in the brain will lead to feelings of uneasiness and nervousness, uncontrollable or obsessive thoughts, restlessness and difficulty concentrating. Phenibut prevents this over excitement in the brain by making sure that the neurons only fire when they are supposed to. This gives of a feeling of relaxation, peace or tranquility. Thus, taking this supplement can help us fall asleep faster, focus better, and channel energy into productive pursuits rather than negative thoughts. Phenibut also partially stimulates dopamine, which is a chief mod receptor, responsible for making us feel pleasure and enjoyment. Boosting dopamine enhances the mood and can even help you become more motivated and driven.

As long as it is used properly, phenibut will not have any negative side effects. The proper dosage is between 500 – 1500 mg and it should be staggered or taken in a cycle to avoid tolerance. Ideally, it should be taken only a few days at a time followed by a week of rest.




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