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Yohimbe Dosage

Supplementing with Yohimbe

Daily Dose of Yohimbe: 5-30mg

Yohimbe is tree that can be found in Western Africa in the countries of Nigeria, Cameroon, the Congo, and Gabon. The bark of the tree is used to boost libido because it contains useful alkaloids of which the principal alkaloid is called yohimbine. Traditionally, yohimbe was used in Africa to treat fevers, coughs, leprosy, and as an aphrodisiac. In modern times, . . . Read more

Guarana Dosage

Supplementing with Guarana

Daily Dose of Guarana: 200-800mg

Guarana is derived from the seeds of a shrub that is native to Venezuela and Brazil in the Amazon rainforest. These seeds have a very high concentration of caffeine, up to three times higher than coffee. Caffeinated drinks increase mental alertness and fight fatigue in people who may not have enough sleep. Because of its energizing effects, it is used in energy . . . Read more

Octopamine Dosage

Octopamine Dosage

Daily Dose of Octopamine: 100-200mg

Octopamine, although not as popular as many other nootropics, it is now getting more attention because of its many benefits. Besides enhancing focus, one of the things that makes it unique is that it is an energy and wakefulness booster. It is a biogenic amine that is closely related to the hormone norepinephrine and thus is sometimes referred to as Norsynephrine or β, . . . Read more

Gymnema Sylvestre Dosage

Gymnema Sylvestre Dosage

Daily Dose of Gymnema Sylvestre: 400-600mg

Gymnema Sylvestre is a shrub that is native to India and its name literally means “sugar destroyer”. Just like the name implies, this herb is used to treat conditions that are related to sugar imbalances such as diabetes and other similar conditions, and it has the ability to suppress sweet tastes. Its active components are a group of saponins . . . Read more

Fenugreek Dosage

Fenugreek Dosage

Daily Dose of Fenugreek: 15-60g

Fenugreek is a plant from the pea family and it is also referred to as Greek Hay. It has a long history of medical use in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Traditional Indian Medicine, or Ayurveda. Traditionally, it was used for many purposes such as aiding in digestions, inducing labor, arthritis, bronchitis, and to help improve breast milk production. There . . . Read more

Gamma Linolenic Acid Dosage

Gamma Linolenic Acid Dosage

Daily Dose of Gamma Linolenic Acid: 360-480g

Gamma Linolenic Acid, or GLA, is an omega-6 fatty acid that can be made in your body from an essential fatty acid called linoleic acid. These substances are responsible for reducing inflammation and cell growth. Normally, the body produces enough GLA from linoleic acid, but diabetics, alcohol abusers, people with viral infections, people with high cholesterol, and people . . . Read more

Inulin Fiber Dosage

Supplementing with Inulin

Daily Dose of Inulin Fiber: 10-14g

Inulin is a plant based starch, and just like psyllium, it is a soluble fiber. Fiber is composed of carbohydrates that are not absorbed by the digestive tract. Adding more fiber into your diet can have many health benefits, which is why manufacturers have added fiber, such as inulin, to food products. It functions as a prebiotic, which serves as . . . Read more

Inositol Dosage

Inositol Dosage

Daily Dose of Inositol: 12-18g

Inositol was once considered part of the B-vitamin group but since it can be produced by the human body from glucose, it is not an essential nutrient. This means that you do not have to eat foods that contain it because the body can make it on its own, unlike other B-vitamins. However, eating foods with high amounts of inositol . . . Read more

Forskolin Dosage

Forskolin Dosage

Daily Dose of Forskolin: 250mg of 10% extract

Forskolin is extracted from the plant Coleus forskohli and has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Traditionally, it was used for a variety of diseases and conditions like asthma, eczema, hypertension, digestive disorders, and other conditions like neck stiffness and as an oral contraceptive. It was also used to treat heart, blood, and circulatory conditions. These days, . . . Read more

Chitosan Dosage

Supplementing with Chitosan

Daily Dose of Chitosan: 4mg

Chitosan is a supplement that can help block dietary fat. It is derived from a type of sugar called “chitin,” which develops on the hard outer skeleton of shellfish such as shrimp, crab, and lobster. Chitosan is then obtained by taking the shells of these shellfish and crushing them until a fine powder is obtained. Although chitin is a sugar, . . . Read more

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